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  • Gaining Health from Garlic
    Three cloves of garlic boiled with milk taken every day at night cures productive cough and bronchitis.
  • Bronchitis Information and Prevention
    Acute bronchitis is characterized by cough and sputum (phlegm) production and symptoms related to the obstruction of the airways by the inflamed airways and the phlegm, such as shortness of breath and wheezing.
  • Bronchitis and Natural Cures
    While it may be argued that homeopathy may have its place, the treatment of bronchitis is not such a situation.
  • Bronchitis Treatment - Patience Is Not A Virtue When It Comes To Bronchitis
    The very best way for fighting these symptoms of bronchitis is to take ample amount of rest possible.
  • Get Rid of Your Cough Faster By Understanding What's Causing It
    Most often, a person will experience significant coughing when experiencing the common cold, the flu, or bronchitis.
  • Treating Bronchitis At Home - 6 Ways To Get Back To Normal
    Hence while bronchitis cause's you discomfort, there are suggested cures for the above said disorder.
  • Signs And Symptoms of Bronchitis
    The symptoms last for one or two weeks, but this period is longer and the Bronchitis becomes chronic in cigarette smokers.
  • Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis and Chronic Bronchitis
    When there is a respiratory illness where in the bronchial tubes of the lungs are irritated and swollen accompanied with pain it can be identified as bronchitis.
  • The Use of Antibiotics in Bronchitis- Their Usefulness in Most Cases
    In spite of the lack of utility, most physicians recommend antibiotics to patients showing symptoms of bronchitis.
  • Health Benefits of Zrii Ingredients, the Chopra Endorsed Amalaki Juice
    Haritaki: It maintains as a soft detoxification agent, nurtures the tissues, assists in managing weight and improves eyesight, shoots up energy levels, provides support to the nervous and the immune system, provides positive effects to the skin, and is useful for patients of asthma and bronchitis.
  • Know the Signs of Childhood Asthma
    The most common signs and symptoms of childhood asthma are very similar to bronchitis and other respiratory infections.
  • Tracheal Bronchitis - What Medical Science Has Newly Revealed
    There are three specific categories of bronchitis including acute, chronic and bronchiectasis.
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