Acute Bronchitis - Acute Bronchitis
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  • All About Acute Bronchitis( Part Two)
    A well known fact for all the doctors is that acute bronchitis does not need treatment is the majority of the cases.
  • Bronchitis And Pneumonia - Various Differences Explained
    Around ninety percent of the people contract acute bronchitis due to viral infection.
  • Bronchitis - Smoking Is 90% Of The Risk!
    People at risk for acute bronchitis include: The elderly, infants, and young children, Smokers, People with heart or lung disease.
  • Acute Bronchitis Antibiotics - 4 Reasons You Must Use Them
    In spite of an abundance of literature recommending the non-use of antibiotics to treat acute bronchitis, clinical studies reveal records of physicians prescribing antibiotics to treat acute bronchitis.
  • 5 Bronchitis Antibiotics And 6 Tips To Deal With Side Effects
    This is used to treat the infections developed with acute bronchitis.
  • Truth About Bronchitis - Symptoms And Treatment Explained
    Individuals suffering with the viral infections are often susceptible to the acute bronchitis.
  • Useful Herbal Ingredients For Treating Bronchitis
    This condition can either be acute or chronic: Acute bronchitis is generally caused by viral or bacterial infection, and may also be brought about by irritation from environmental pollution like fumes, acids, solvents, or tobacco smoke.
  • The Use of Antibiotics in Bronchitis- Their Usefulness in Most Cases
    This is due to the fact that most cases of acute bronchitis are caused by agents for which an appropriate treatment hasn't yet been detected.
  • Curing Bronchitis - 6 Proven Herbal Remedies
    Virus-caused acute bronchitis doesn't require any special medication to bring about a cure.
  • Chronic Bronchitis Prevention - Protect Yourself
    Smoking is the number one cause of chronic and acute bronchitis (not to mention lung cancer).
  • What is Bronchitis and what are the causes of Bronchitis
    In rare cases, acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria Acute bronchitis also can be caused by breathing in things that irritate the bronchial tubes, such as smoke.
  • Causes and Risk Factors of Acute Bronchitis
    Although it has the highest incidence in people with ages over 50, acute bronchitis can be seen in young adults and children as well.
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